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How much disk space should I allocate for SingleStoreDB?

SingleStoreDB uses disk for three types of storage:

  • Snapshot and log files that backup row store data. You should allocate about as much space on disk for this purpose as memory on your machine.

  • Compressed columnstore data files that contain column store data in SingleStoreDB.

  • Object files that are the result of code generation. This includes for Data Definition Language (DDL) queries like CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE and for Data Manipulation Language (DML) queries like INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and SELECT. On average, these usually require about 0.1 MB per unique plan.

Therefore, you should allocate roughly the amount of memory on your machine + space for compressed column store data + 0.1 MB for each plan. Note that the exact disk requirements will vary with the application, so it is advisable (and usually cheap) to allocate some extra disk space.