SingleStore DB

Connecting Power BI Desktop to SingleStore DB
  1. Open Power BI Desktop. On the menu bar, select File | Options and Settings | Options. Then, on the Options screen, select Security on the left pane. In the Data Extensions section, select (Not recommended) Allow any extension to load without validation or warning. This will allow PowerBI to use the SingleStore Direct Query Connector 1.0 file that you installed previously.

  2. In Power BI Desktop, navigate to the ribbon and click Get Data.

  3. Select More.

  4. In the Get Data window, select SingleStore Direct Query Connector 1.0 on the right.

  5. For server, specify the IP address or host name where the SingleStore DB master aggregator node resides. Then, select a Data Connectivity Mode and click OK.

  6. The SingleStore Query Connector 1.0 screen appears. On the left pane, select Basic. Then specify the user name and password used to connect to SingleStore DB and click Connect.

  7. Select the table(s) that you want to import and click Load.


You can now use Power BI to explore your SingleStore DB data.

To change the credentials used to connect to SingleStore DB, select File | Options and settings, followed by Data source settings. On the Data source settings screen, select SingleStore DirectQuery Connector 1.0 and click Edit Permissions….