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Enable Strict Mode


Strict Mode has been deprecated and is no longer supported.

Once all roles and grants have been configured in the cluster, strict mode should be enabled. After this has been done, the superuser root role can no longer be used to configure the cluster.

Remove Default and Low-level Accounts

Prior to deploying in strict mode, remove any root user accounts.

DROP USER 'root'@'%';

You should also delete any other default accounts if you installed or upgraded from an older version. See Deleting unnecessary default users for a list of those accounts and how to delete them.

Set Strict Mode with Management Tools

Set strict_mode on all nodes in the cluster. This is the preferred method to ensure the value is set correctly across all nodes in the cluster.

sdb-admin update-config --all --key strict_mode --value true

Set Strict Mode without Management Tools

Edit memsql.cnf and add the following to the [server] section on every node that had roles created on it and restart.


strict_mode = true