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ERROR 2349: Code generation for new statements is disabled because the total number of license units of capacity used on all leaf nodes is XX, which is above the limit of 4 for the SingleStoreDB free license.


Both errors 2350 and 2349 are caused because the total number of license units in your cluster is larger than the four unit limit imposed by the free license. You will encounter these errors when trying to add a new leaf node to the cluster, which can happen during initial deployment, or when expanding your cluster.

This error can occur when using MemSQL 6.7.13 or later with a unit-based free license. For previous RAM-based free licenses, a total memory limit of 128 GB of RAM for the cluster was used instead. See Memory Errors for more information on this limit.

See the FAQ for a definition of license units and how they are calculated.


There are two potential solutions depending on what your needs are:

  • If you need a cluster with more than four license units, you will need an Enterprise license. Sign up for a free 30-day trial and create an Enterprise License trial key before deploying a larger cluster.

  • You can artificially constrain resources by deploying SingleStoreDB onto a host machine (physical or virtual) with fewer resources. See the FAQ link above for more details.