SingleStore DB

Connect with JetBrains DataGrip

You will need access to your cluster before configuring JetBrains DataGrip.

Launch DataGrip and create a new Datasource. Select MySQL as the type of datasource.

Enter the following information in the Data Sources and Drivers dialog.

  1. For Host: enter the Admin endpoint (SingleStore Managed Service) or IP Address (SingleStore DB) for your cluster.

    • You can find the Admin endpoint in the SingleStore Portal.

  2. Enter the port number: 3306

  3. Enter your database name.

  4. For User: enter admin (SingleStore Managed Service) or root (SingleStore DB).

  5. Enter your admin/root password.

  6. Click Test Connection. You may need to click Download to download any missing MySQL drivers.


    You may need to refresh the schema list to get your database to show in the tool.