SingleStore DB

Download the MemSQL Operator

The memsql/operator can be pulled from Docker Hub or from the Red Hat container registry. When pulling memsql/operator from the Red Hat container registry, you must first authenticate with the registry using a registry service account. For more information on how to acquire the memsql/operator container from the Red Hat container registry, follow the instructions on the MemSQL Operator container page in the Red Hat Container Catalog.

Pull the image down onto a host directly to cache it locally. Alternatively, the MemSQL Operator can be pulled down automatically from any container registry where the MemSQL Operator is located (such as a private registry, Red Hat OpenShift, or Docker Hub) by referencing it in the deployment.yaml definition file as described in the next step. An account is not required for Docker Hub.

When pulling the image, you can test deployments using the most current Operator build by specifying memsql/operator and the desired image. For production environments, you should pin your container version with a specific tag (e.g. docker pull memsql/operator:c7b6fb61).

Once you have access to the memsql/operator image, proceed with creating the object definition files for your cluster.