SingleStore DB

Connecting Sisense to SingleStore DB using ElastiCube Model
  1. Open Sisense and select the Data tab from the top menu.

  2. Click +ElastiCube. Then, specify a name for your new ElastiCube Model and click Save.

  3. A screen appears that has a row labeled Data >> with the name of the ElastiCube Model you specified in the previous step. Click the +Data button on the right. Then, select the MemSQL icon from the available connectors.

  4. A screen appears where you specify your SingleStore DB connection details. For the Location, specify the IP address or hostname where the SingleStore DB master aggregator node resides. Then, specify the user name and password used to connect to SingleStore DB. Click Next.

  5. Select the database that you want to use. Then, select the tables or views in this database that you want to work with. Click Done.

  6. Your SingleStore DB cluster has now been configured and can be accessed from Sisense.