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The easiest way to demonstrate how to use SingleStoreDB on any major operating system is through a pre-configured Docker image. The singlestore/cluster-in-a-box container is available for free and allows users to easily run a simple single-host SingleStoreDBcluster. It also includes Studio, our cluster monitoring and management tool to easily monitor, debug and interact with your SingleStoreDBcluster.

If you are running Windows or macOS, using the singlestore/cluster-in-a-box container allows you to easily try out SingleStoreDB on your local machine.


Running SingleStoreDB in a Docker container as described below is for prototyping and functional testing purposes only! If you wish to test out SingleStoreDB for production deployments, see the SingleStore Tools based deployment instead.

By downloading the singlestore/cluster-in-a-box image, you agree to the SingleStore terms of service. If you do not have a paid Enterprise license, you may obtain help from other community members at the SingleStore Forums.