Before You Begin

Install Docker

For newer macOS and Windows 10 machines, Install Docker Community Edition (CE). For users running older versions of Windows or macOS, install Docker Toolbox instead.

Configure Docker

Make sure Docker is running. The recommended configuration is at least 4 cores and 4GB of RAM on your host machine. For macOS users, you can enable this in the Advanced tab located under the Preferences menu item. For Windows users, this tab is located under Settings.

Get a License key

You must have a License key copied from the SingleStore Customer Portal. You can easily create a free license for a cluster with up to four license units or request an Enterprise license trial key for larger clusters. Because this guide shows you how to spin up a Docker container for testing purposes, you will only need a free license key to continue.


For Windows users, the examples in this guide assume you are running them in a PowerShell window.