Connect with C#/.NET

Whether you're using an ORM or straight SQL, you can get started with SingleStore (formerly MemSQL) and C#/.NET quickly. SingleStore is wire-compliant with MySQL, meaning connecting to SingleStore is as easy as connecting to a MySQL database.

The sections below describe how to connect your application. For a complete example, including samples of CRUD operations, refer to this GitHub repo.


  • A SingleStore cluster

  • C# and .NET framework

Connection Details

To connect your C# application to your SingleStore cluster (SingleStore DB or SingleStore Managed Service) you'll need the following:

  • Host: the endpoint (SingleStore Managed Service) or IP Address (SingleStore DB) for your cluster. You can find the Managed Service endpoint in the SingleStore Portal. Select SingleStore Endpoints in the dropdown menu.

  • Port: default is 3306

  • User: enter admin (SingleStore Managed Service) or root (SingleStore DB).

  • Password

More Information

Using Stored Procedures: GitHub

Using ORM (EntityFramework): GitHub

Using ORM (Dapper): GitHub