Next Steps

SingleStore DB is now ready for all your "kick the tires" tasks. Being able to run these tasks from such a simple setup is a real time-saver. However, don’t expect the same robustness or performance as you would have with a full install on a full hardware configuration.

Load Data

SingleStore DB supports a wide variety of data-loading scenarios, including ingesting from Kafka, S3, Spark, or other data sources. In general we recommend getting started via Pipelines.

Read Data, Integrate, and Connect

SingleStore DB supports querying data via any driver or third-party tool which supports the MySQL wire protocol. This makes it super easy to get started. In general, if your tool of choice supports MySQL then it also supports SingleStore DB!

Hook up your analytics dashboard to SingleStore DB.

Add your application to the docker-compose.yaml file and connect it to SingleStore DB using any MySQL connector.

Get Help

Reach out for help on the SingleStore Forums.

Learn more about the product and features in the documentation.