Unsupported Feature List

  • warn_level Engine Variable - how SingleStore behaves when it encounters unsupported functionality is controlled via the warn_level engine variable. The variable has two settings:

    • Warnings (default) - Permits SQL statements that aren’t supported, but whose unsupported features can safely be ignored. Warnings will be issued when such queries are used. Use this mode when porting an existing application to SingleStore and to avoid having to change the application to not use unsupported features.

    • Errors - SQL statements with unsupported features will be rejected as errors. This is the most strict warn level. Use this level when you are developing a new application on SingleStore and want to only use features fully supported by SingleStore.

    The warn_level variable is set just like other global engine variables: SET GLOBAL warn_level= "errors";.

    For more information on setting engine variables, see the Engine Variables overview.

  • getProcedures() and getProcedureColumns() MySQL built-ins

  • User-Defined Variables. SingleStore does not fully support user-defined variables. See User-Defined Variables.

  • Triggers (other than the TIMESTAMP type)

  • Foreign keys and referential integrity

  • Prepared statements - SingleStore does not fully support server-side prepared statements. See Using Prepared Statements.

  • SingleStore geospatial is incompatible with MySQL geospatial.

  • The comparison operator LIKE does not support the ESCAPE clause. However, you can use the backslash character \ as an escape character in LIKE patterns.

  • get_lock() and related functions (release_lock(), etc.).