Connect Tibco Spotfire to SingleStore

  1. Open the Tibco Spotfire desktop application. A sign in screen will be displayed. Click Tibco Login.

  2. On the web authentication page, log in with the credentials used while registering to download Tibco Spotfire.

  3. After logging in, you’ll be redirected to the desktop application and the homepage of Tibco Spotfire will be displayed.

  4. In Spotfire Analyst, open the Files and data flyout, and click Connect to. Select SingleStore and then select New Connection.

  5. In the connection dialog, enter the following:

    • Server IP address / name

    • Database System ( select SingleStore)

    • Authentication Method as Database Authentication

    • Username to access the database

    • Password to access the database

  6. Click Connect. After a successful connection, the Database drop down will be populated with all the existing databases. Select a database and Click OK.

  7. In the connection view window, select the tables you want to import.

  8. The Add data to analysis popup will be displayed. Select Add as new data table and Import and click OK.

You are now ready to explore the data.