information_schema.PIPELINES_FILES Table

The PIPELINES_FILES table stores information about files that have been extracted from a filesystem-like data source, such as Amazon S3. Each row represents a single file. The columns in this table are described below.

information_schema.PIPELINES_FILES Table Schema

Column Name



The name of the database associated with the file.


The name of the pipeline associated with the file.


The name of the pipeline’s data source, such as S3.


The name of the file.


The size of the file in bytes.


Shows the state of the file, which is one of the following values:

  • Unloaded: The pipeline has not yet loaded the data in the file into any tables.

  • Loaded: The pipeline has successfully processed the file. The data in the file has been loaded into one or more tables.

  • Skipped: The pipeline encountered an error while processing the file; the file is skipped and no data in the file has been loaded into any tables.