ISSUE: Failed to add user to the memsql group.

✘ Failed to add alice to the memsql group. See for more details.

This message appears during sdb-deploy install if it fails to add the management user to the memsql group.

During installation, the singlestoredb-server Debian and RPM packages create a memsql Linux system user and memsql Linux system group if they don’t already exist. These used to enforce filesystem permissions on node data and configuration.

The memsql user is allowed to create and delete nodes, start and stop nodes, and update node configuration. It is automatically part of the memsql group.

Users in the memsql group are allowed to list nodes, read node configuration, and run SQL statements on nodes.

When using sdb-deploy to install singlestoredb-server, it will automatically try to add the management user to the memsql group on each host. This allows the rest of the SingleStore Tools to manage SingleStore DB nodes without requiring elevated privileges. If this fails, the other tools (such as sdb-admin and sdb-report) may prompt for the management user’s sudo password when trying to run commands.

To avoid needing a sudo password for every command, add your management user to the memsql group on all hosts. For example, if the management user is alice, run the following command on each host:

usermod -a -G memsql alice