ISSUE: We were unable to check whether this is an official version

A message similar to the following may be shown by sdb-report check:

✘ versionHashes ................................. [FAIL]
FAIL Get dial tcp: lookup on dial udp connect: network is unreachable
WARN MemSQL version 6.7.14 (commit hash fa416b0a536adcfcf95d0607be2d6086a0d58796) is present on all nodes
We were unable to check whether this is an official version
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This check in sdb-report verifies two properties: 1. Every node in the cluster is using the same version of SingleStore DB. 2. That version of SingleStore DB was officially released publicly.

To do so, it connects to the internet and looks for version information in the SingleStore package index. If sdb-report cannot connect to the package index, it shows this message.

sdb-report check --only versionHashes --report-path /path/to/report.tar.gz\

If you expect to have internet access, this may be an intermittent network issue. Try running sdb-report check again. To perform only this check, use the following command, replacing /path/to/report.tar.gz with the path to your report:

sdb-report check --only versionHashes --report-path /path/to/report.tar.gz

If your machine is behind a firewall or inside an air-gapped environment, use a machine outside that environment to read the package information located at the URL in the message ( in this example).

This is an example of official release metadata (with the "packages" value removed for size):

  "releaseID": "722ce44d-6f95-4855-b093-9802a9ae7cc9",
  "version": "6.7.14",
  "commit": "fa416b0a536adcfcf95d0607be2d6086a0d58796",
  "packages": { ... }

This is an example of an unofficial hash (with irrelevant pieces removed for size):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Error><Code>NoSuchKey</Code><Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message><Key>freya/production/index/memsqlserver/6.7.14-abcdef1234.json</Key>...</Error>