sync_permissions variable

The sync_permissions global variable defines the behavior of the cluster with respect to local versus cluster-wide, or sync, users. This variable has the following two values:

  • OFF Non-root users, roles, and groups have to be configured on each aggregator as with previous versions of SingleStore DB. This is the default value.

  • ON The master aggregator will define and synchronize permissions for non-root users, groups, and roles across all aggregators in the cluster.


Deprecation Notice: The sync_permissions setting ON will become the default in a future release, and the OFF setting will no longer be supported. New SingleStore DB application development should be done using sync_permissions set to ON. If you are setting up a new cluster, it is recommended that you set sync_permissions to ON immediately.

Using the ON setting from the start will simplify future upgrades and avoid confusion that can result from having permissions set differently on different aggregators.

Leaves do not use cluster permissions, so setting the sync_permissions value on those nodes does not matter.