Audit Log File Format


As of the time of this publication, audit logging features are made available and licensed only as part of the SingleStore DB Premium edition.

Audit logs are written to the directory specified by the auditlogsdir variable. See How to Enable and Configure Audit Logging for details on how to set this variable.

Each node in a cluster will create its own files in the destination directory using the following naming convention:


For example, consider the following log file name:


If a log file’s rotation size is very small, an auto-incrementing integer may be appended to the end of the log file. For example:


Data within the log file is written in comma-separated values (CSV) format. Log files are updated immediately as queries are executed; they are not cached locally and then eventually written to the destination directory.

The auditlog_disk_sync engine variable controls whether the audit is written to disk synchronously. This can be set to on/off to specify synchronous/asynchronous writes to disk.