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Metrics Displayed by Visual Explain

Each element of the center graphic portion of this page includes the following information:

  • The query plan operation being performed

  • The percent of total query execution time for each query plan operation

  • The number of rows processed by each query plan operation. This number could be greater than the number of rows in a given table if the query includes a command, such as a nested loop join, that requires the engine to read the table multiple times.

  • The associated table each query plan operation is performed on (where applicable)

The following metrics are also shown as text on the right of the Visual Explain page. If no element of the graphic has been clicked, a summary of all query operations is shown. If a specific query operation has been selected, this section will show more detailed information.

  • Summary

    • Total execution time

    • Total number of operations

    • Total memory usage

  • Details

    • Each query plan operation

    • Time spent on each query plan operation