Errors and Warnings

Queries return configurable errors if too many queries are queued or a query has been queued for too long. Queries also return configurable warnings when they were queued for a significant time relative to their actual execution time. This allows users to identify when their workspace resources are insufficient to meet the load of incoming queries.

These errors and warnings are:

ER_TOO_MANY_QUEUED_QUERIES: When the workload_management_max_queue_depth value is reached, SingleStoreDB Cloud will return this error instead of adding a new query to the queue. If you encounter this error, the maximum queue depth may need to be increased to accommodate the load. This error may also indicate that your workspace’s resources need to be increased or the load of incoming queries needs to be reduced.

ER_QUERY_QUEUE_TIMEOUT: When a query has been queued longer than the workload_management_queue_timeout value, it will return this error and will be removed from the queue. This error indicates that your workspace’s resources or the load of incoming queries need to be adjusted to successfully process incoming queries.

ER_QUERY_QUEUED_WARNING: When the ratio of time spent by a query in the queue versus the actual execution time of the query exceeds the workload_management_queue_time_warning_ratio value, the query will return this warning. The warning indicates the amount of time spent queued and the amount of time spent executing, to help you understand the sources of query latency. Encountering this warning is normal in many workloads, but if query latency is too high, your workspace’s resources may not be sufficient to process incoming queries in a timely manner.