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WITH (Common Table Expressions)

Specifies a temporary named result set, referred to as a Common Table Expression (CTE).


WITH cte [, ...]

    expression_name[(column_name, ...)]


  • WITH clauses are supported as part of SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and REPLACE statements.
  • MemSQL supports only non-recursive CTEs.
  • By default, MemSQL will always attempt to inline CTEs into the parent query; however, you can cache CTEs through materialization to improve the performance of certain complex queries. See Materializing Common Table Expressions for more information.
  • If a CTE defined in the WITH clause is not referenced in the SELECT statement, it has no effect on the execution of the query.


memsql> WITH myCTE AS
(select col from myTable)
select col from myCTE;

memsql> WITH myCTE (colAlias) AS
(select col from myTable)
select colAlias from myCTE;

memsql> WITH orderCTE AS
(select o_orderkey from orders),
lineitemCTE AS
(select l_orderkey from lineitem)
select count(*) from orderCTE join lineitemCTE on o_orderkey = l_orderkey;