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Preparing Your Data for SingleStore

SingleStore has simple, powerful methods of bringing data in from object storage. Here are some options for getting your existing databases exported to object storage in places like S3, GCS and Azure Blob Storage.

Is your data already in cloud storage? Feel free to move on to the next section.

Existing Managed Cloud Databases:

For other databases that you’re looking to migrate, you can still export that data to CSV, JSON, etc. and then upload it to object storage. Typically this would involve something like a SELECT ... INTO OUTFILE ... from your existing database. From there, you can upload those files to object storage.

If you are importing data from MySQL or MariaDB, you can perform a simple mysqldump as listed in our documentation.

Don’t want to do a bulk import? That’s fine too! After we discuss schema design, we’ll walk you through connecting directly from your application and writing data.