SingleStore DB

Developer Resources

SingleStore provides integration with various applications and feature support for transactional and analytical data. This topic contains information related to the concepts and scalability features of SingleStore, which you can use to perform the following tasks:

  • Migrate existing applications by connecting, loading, and porting tables from existing applications to SingleStore DB.

  • Connect to application development tools such as C/C++, Java Ruby, Perl, Python, and many more.

  • View samples of concurrent multi-inserts for Bash, C, C# / .NET Core, Java, Node.js, and Python.

  • Transition your data and applications from MySQL to SingleStore DB.

  • Perform operations based on features like time series data analysis, full text search, geospatial features, and window functions.

  • Use the SQL syntax support for various functions and commands by SingleStore.

  • Create custom programs such as SPs, UDFs, TVFs, and UDAFs.