Back Up and Restore Data

You can make a full backup or an incremental backup of a database. When you make a backup, you can target local file systems (only for full backups), network file systems, Azure, Google Cloud Storage, S3, and S3 Compatible Storage.

For backup destinations other than the local filesystem, all leaves must have access to write to the target destination.


This topic applies to database backups made using the BACKUP DATABASE command or using the SingleStore Toolbox sdb-admin create-backup command.

Incremental backups cannot be made on unlimited storage databases.

Unlimited storage databases can be restored (attached) to any point in time using PITR, which is not discussed in this topic. See Local and Unlimited Database Storage Concepts for information on PITR.


SingleStore does not support restoring database backups from a newer version of SingleStore into an older version.

Release 6.8 and earlier backups cannot be restored from release 7.8.

Databases on a secondary cluster to which the primary database is being replicated cannot be backed up with the BACKUP DATABASE command.

Last modified: March 6, 2024

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