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6. Checking Node, Partition, and Overall Database Health

The next step in troubleshooting your cluster is checking on its overall health.

  1. Go to the Studio Hosts and/or Nodes page(s) to ensure nodes are online.

    • Run show-leaves to get the id of any offline node. sdb-admin show-leaves

    • Then, bring the node(s) online with start-node. sdb-admin start-node <node-id>

  2. Go to the Databases page, and examine the problematic database.

    • Click on the database and check the Partitions tab and make sure everything is online and attached.

  3. If there are offline or detached partitions, investigate the health of the nodes housing those partitions in Studio. See an image of the Database page and Partitions tab below:


Next Steps

  • If all nodes, partitions, and databases are healthy: move onto Step 7.