SingleStore DB

Configure the Retention Period for an Unlimited Storage Database

The engine variable bottomless_gc_retention_period_minutes specifies how long historical information used to enable point-in-time recovery (PITR) is retained. The default value of is 1440 minutes. To override the default value, set the engine variable. For example, to set to the value to 3000 minutes:

SET GLOBAL bottomless_gc_retention_period_minutes = 3000;

You cannot attach an unlimited storage database at a milestone or time that is not within the retention period. For example, suppose bottomless_gc_retention_period_minutes is 1440 minutes (1 day). On June 1 you create a milestone for a database d. On June 3, you would not be able to attach d at the milestone created on June 1 or at a point in time that occurred on June 1.