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After configuring the metrics database, you can connect data visualization tools such as Grafana to your cluster’s monitoring data. Grafana provides dashboards for advanced analytics and troubleshooting.

Configure Grafana

  1. Use the Deploy Grafana on Kubernetes instructions to deploy Grafana on the Kubernetes Metrics cluster.

  2. Connect to the Grafana service via Web browser.


    Use kubectl get svc to obtain the IP address and port of the Grafana service.

  3. Add a “monitoring” MySQL data source with the following settings.

    1. Data source name: monitoring

    2. Data source type: mysql

    3. Data source host: <name of the master pod>.svc-<cluster name>.<namespace containing the Metrics cluster master pod>.svc.cluster.local

    4. Data source port: 3306

    5. Database name: metrics

    6. User: A database user with read access to the metrics database

    7. Password: This database user’s password

  4. Download the cluster monitoring dashboards from SingleStore.

  5. Import the dashboards into Grafana. To import a dashboard, click the + icon in the side menu, and then click Import. From here you can upload a dashboard JSON file, paste a dashboard URL, or paste dashboard JSON text directly into the text area.

Last modified: March 1, 2024

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