Encryption at Rest

SingleStoreDB is compatible with at-rest disk-based encryption via LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup). SingleStoreDB is also compatible with other encryption solutions that may have different security characteristics. Please see our partner integrations documentation or contact us if you have questions about using SingleStoreDB with other encryption technologies.

To use SingleStoreDB with LUKS, configure your block device to be encrypted with LUKS, and then simply install SingleStoreDB on the encrypted volume.

For more information about how to implement LUKS with different versions of Linux, see the links in the section below. Note that ecryptfs should never be used - only volume or block level encryption.

Example Setup Process

  • Prepare block device

  • Encrypt block device with LUKS

  • Create filesystem (i.e., mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/myencryptedvolume)

  • Mount filesystem (i.e., mount /dev/mapper/myencryptedvolume /data)

  • Install SingleStoreDB normally to encrypted location using the SingleStoreDB management tools

How to Use LUKS With Different Versions of Linux

Last modified: November 28, 2022

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