Operations Errors

ERROR 1218 (08S01): Error connecting to master: master is running an incompatible version of MemSQL


This issue can be caused when trying to replicate between a v5.x cluster and a v6.x cluster. Cluster replication functionality changes in 6.0 mean that replication between v5 and v6 is not possible. See Replication Compatibility Between Different Cluster Versions.


You need to upgrade both clusters to 6.0 before you can replicate data again. After both clusters are running 6.0 or newer, you can re-enabling replication between the clusters.

ERROR 1832 (HY000): Restoring partitions on %s. Couldn’t find backup file for partition # of database X (there are ### partitions without backup files).


This error means that there is not enough available disk in the backup directory.


Make sure that you have sufficient disk space in the designated backup directory and retry the operation.

ERROR 2523 UNKNOWN_ERR_CODE: Invalid path '...' for point-in-time attach:


ERROR 2523 UNKNOWN_ERR_CODE: Invalid path '/test/singlestore' for point-in-time attach: multiple V1 databases found in this location. Please provide a more specific location.

If multiple bottomless databases are created on S3 in the same folder, detaching and then attaching any one of the databases leads to this error.


Use the STORAGEID clause in the ATTACH DATABASE command.

ERROR 2625: Operation 'BACKUP DATABASE' can't be executed on internal database('') utilized by SingleStore.


This error occurs when you attempt to backup the cluster or memsql databases.


These databases are internal system databases, and as such, they cannot and do not need to be backed up.

ERROR: Partition’s table metadata are out of sync for table


The most common cause for this error is an ALTER TABLE query on a sharded table which ran partially but didn’t complete successfully. This may leave table metadata in an inconsistent state where some partitions have the old metadata while some have the new.


If the cause of the issue was a failed ALTER TABLE as described above, possible solutions are:

  • Recreate the table. This can be done by insert-selecting the data into a newly created table or reloading the data. For example: sql CREATE TABLE t_copy AS SELECT * FROM t; DROP TABLE t; ALTER TABLE t_copy RENAME AS t;

  • Find the partition(s) with inconsistent table metadata, and manually run ALTER on the leaf partitions to correct them.

Transform for pipeline <pipeline_name> exited with FAILURE. Truncated stderr:


This is a general error code; however, this error can occur when your pipeline tries to execute your transform while loading your data into SingleStore. You will receive information in the stderr text informing you of the specific transform on the node that is failing. Transforms must be executable scripts, so your transform is likely missing a shebang at the top of the file.


Place a shebang at the top of your transform file to invoke the correct interpreter. This will depend on the programming language used in your transform and where the interpreter resides (e.g. #!/usr/bin/env python3 for Python 3 or #!/usr/bin/env ruby for Ruby).

Last modified: August 28, 2023

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