Connect with Visual Studio Code

You can connect to your SingleStoreDB cluster from Visual Studio Code using the SQLTools SingleStoreDB Driver (aka "SingleStore Driver for SQLTools") extension. This driver allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Connect to your SingleStoreDB cluster.

  • Manage connections in the Database Explorer.

  • Run SQL queries. You can also export query results in JSON and CSV formats.

  • View tables, views, columns, functions, procedures, etc.

  • Generate INSERT queries.

  • Autocomplete SQL keywords, table and view names, column names, SingleStoreDB built-in functions, etc.

Refer to SingleStore Driver for SQLTools for more information.

Install the SQLTools SingleStoreDB Driver Extension

To install the SQLTools SingleStoreDB Driver in Visual Studio Code, run the following command in the Visual Studio Code Quick Open (Cmd+p/Ctrl+p):

ext install singlestore.sqltools-singlestore-driver

You can also install this extension in Visual Studio Code IDE from the Extensions tab.

Connect with SingleStoreDB from Visual Studio Code

To connect to your cluster from Visual Studio Code, perform the following tasks:

  1. In Visual Studio Code IDE, on the navigation pane, select SQLTools.

  2. Under Connections, select Add New Connection.

  3. On the SQLTools Settings tab, select the SingleStoreDB database driver.

  4. Under Connection Settings, enter the following details:

    • Connection name (Required): Name for this connection.

    • Server Address (Required): IP address or hostname of your SingleStoreDB cluster.

    • Port (Required): Default is 3306.

    • Username (Required): Username for your SingleStoreDB cluster.

    To test connectivity, select TEST CONNECTION.


  6. Under Review connection details, select CONNECT NOW.

You can now explore your SingleStoreDB databases in Visual Studio Code.

Last modified: June 8, 2023

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