Load Data from Azure Data Factory (ADF)

SingleStore can be configured as a Linked service in Azure Data Factory (ADF), which allows it to be used as a source or sink for ETL data flows.


This integration supports SingleStore and SingleStore version 7.1 and later.

You will also need an Azure account with access to ADF.

Create an ADF Factory and Add a SingleStore Datasource

  1. Open the ADF main page. In the search bar, enter "Data factories", and then select "Data factories" from the drop down list. You will be taken to the Data factories page.

  2. Click Create new factory on the Data factories page.

  3. On the Basics tab on the Create Data Factory page, click Create new and create a new resource group.

  4. Click Next: Git configuration to move to the Git configuration tab.

  5. Configure your Git repo or click Configure Git later.

  6. Continue through the tabs (you may need to wait for validation) until you get to the Review + create tab. Review your settings and click Create.

  7. Once your data factory is deployed, click Go to resource.

  8. In your Data factory window, click Author & Monitor (near the center of the page).

  9. Open the Manage tab, click Linked services on the left, and then click + New.

  10. In the "New linked service" window, search for and select "Azure Database for MySQL".

  11. Enter your database connection info and credentials, then click Test connection.

  12. If your connection is successful, click Create.

You’ve created a connection to SingleStore, which can be used in ADF activities as a data source or data sink.

Last modified: September 27, 2023

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