Query Execution

  • Improved Workload Management implementation that no longer needs to be tuned via the workload_management_expected_aggregators engine variable; this variable is now deprecated.

  • Support for multi-statement transactions that use distributed joins.

  • Support for multi-statement transactions that write to a database and then read from a different database.

  • Added a session variable node_degree_of_parallelism that specifies the number of threads per node to use for columnstore table scans.

  • Queries that use the IN filter on shard keys now perform better.

  • Hash joins that use reference tables now perform better.

  • The data_conversion_compatibility_level engine variable can now be set to 7.0. This allows errors to be thrown for more invalid type conversions, instead of doing implicit type conversions, where the user could see unexpected results.

  • Now, a maximum of 1024 tables can be written to in a transaction.

Last modified: April 24, 2021

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