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SingleStoreDB Dev Image

The SingleStoreDB Dev Image is the fastest way to develop with SingleStoreDB on your computer or in a CI/CD environment (including GitHub Actions).

The SingleStoreDB Dev Image is available for free and allows you to easily run a simple, single-host SingleStoreDB cluster. It also includes Studio, our cluster monitoring and management tool to easily monitor, debug, and interact with your SingleStoreDB cluster.


Running SingleStoreDB via the SingleStoreDB Dev Image is for prototyping and functional testing purposes only.

For deploying SingleStoreDB in a production environment, refer to the self-managed deployment guides.

By downloading the SingleStoreDB Dev Image, you agree to the terms and conditions of the SingleStore Free Tier License Agreement. If you do not have a paid Enterprise license, you may obtain help from other community members at the SingleStore Forums.

Continue to the SingleStoreDB Dev Image on GitHub.