Changing the Default Data Directory Post Installation for a Leaf Node

You can configure a custom location for the data directory of a leaf node. Some of the reasons this may be required include moving the leaf node's data directory to a file system that has ample room to grow or restructuring/aligning leaf node directories as part of a clean-up process.

Example Directories

While the directories of your leaf node will vary, you can use the following example directories to help guide you through the following steps.


<memsql-dir> = /var/lib/memsql
<leaf-node-dir> = /var/lib/memsql/d3cb2012-77b3-48a0-8875-ade2813b1310
<leaf-node-data-dir> = /var/lib/memsql/d3cb2012-77b3-48a0-8875-ade2813b1310/data


<dest-memsql-dir> = /opt/memsql
<dest-leaf-node-dir> = /opt/memsql/d3cb2012-77b3-48a0-8875-ade2813b1310
<dest-leaf-node-data-dir> = /opt/memsql/d3cb2012-77b3-48a0-8875-ade2813b1310/data

Last modified: February 12, 2024

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