Atomically replace a view with a new view defined by a SELECT statement. ALTER VIEW is an online operation and will not cause concurrently executing queries to fail.


    [DEFINER = { <user> | CURRENT_USER }]
    VIEW <view_name> [(<column_list>)]
    AS <select_statement>


  • ALTER VIEW atomically replaces view <view_name> with a new view defined by <select_statement>.

  • ALTER VIEW privileges are granted only to the user who created the view and to SUPER users. If a SUPER user alters a view, that user commandeers ALTER privileges from the user who created the view.

  • The DEFINER clause (ALTER DEFINER = <user>@<host> VIEW <viewname> AS SELECT ...) specifies the user that should be used for security checks when a view is referenced by a query. The default value is CURRENT_USER.

  • When SCHEMA_BINDING is set to ON, objects referenced by the view cannot be dropped if the view exists; you need to drop the view before dropping these objects. By default, SCHEMA_BINDING is set to OFF.

  • The user who runs ALTER DEFINER..VIEW must have the SUPER permission.

  • Node Requirements for SingleStore DB Commands


ALTER VIEW view_name AS SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE user_id = "real_person";

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