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Query Data

Once the data is loaded into SingleStoreDB, it can be queried for both analytical and transactional purposes. You can execute queries related to several database operations like index scans, full-table scans, joins, and aggregations.

SingleStoreDB supports the following query-related features:

  • The code generation feature allows generation of query plans for new queries, which can then be reused for subsequent queries, thereby reducing the execution time for long and complex queries.

  • The row locking feature ensures that the rows on which write operations are being performed are locked to avoid write conflicts.

  • SingleStoreDB supports integration with a wide range of third party data analytics and business intelligence software such as Dremio, Looker, MicroStrategy, Power BI, Sisense, Tableau, and Tibco Spotfire.

  • The upsert feature avoids insertion of duplicate rows in a table by inserting a row into a table if the table does not already contain an existing row with the same primary key or unique key. Otherwise, it updates the existing row.

  • Features like Visual Explain and Benchmarking help you easily test and measure performance of queries, and identify bottlenecks for long standing queries.