AVX2 Instruction Set Verification

SingleStore can take advantage of the AVX2 instruction set on Intel and Intel-compatible processors to improve the performance of columnstore query processing and enable the use of certain vector functions.

Verify AVX2 Support

A host’s support for the AVX2 instruction set can be verified in a number of ways:

  • Checking the host's processor specifications from the manufacturer.

  • Running either of the following on the command line and confirming that avx2 is listed.

    lscpu | grep avx2
    cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep avx2
  • Deploying a new SingleStore cluster, where Toolbox automatically checks for avx2 support.

  • Running check_avx2 from the singlestoredb-server-<version>-<hash>/lib directory on each host in an existing SingleStore cluster.

    AVX2 is supported if check_avx2 does not produce any output, does not produce an error, or does not fail.

    • Typical package-based deployment location

      • /opt/singlestoredb-server-<version>-<hash>/lib/check_avx2

    • Typical tarball-based deployment locations

      • /opt/singlestore/singlestoredb-server-<version>-<hash>/lib/check_avx2

      • /home/memsql/memsql/singlestoredb-server-<version>-<hash>/lib/check_avx2

    • You may also find the location of the singlestoredb-server-<version>-<hash> directory by viewing the process status of memsqld.

      ps -ef | grep memsqld

Last modified: April 12, 2024

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