SingleStore Directory Layout

For installations using the SingleStore RPM and Debian packages, SingleStore follows the Linux Standard Base (LSB) layout.

/var/lib/memsql/ [Default nodes installation directory.]
auditlogs/ [When audit logging is enabled, holds a log of all database activity from the cluster.]
data/ [The data on the node; the default backups directory for local backups made to “./”]
logs/ [Location of transaction logs used in node recovery and replication.]
snapshots/ [Location of database snapshots.]
memsql.cnf/ [The configuration file for the node. Also includes system variables.]
plancache/ [Location of the files for the various plans in the plancache.]
memsql.log [The consolidated general/error log.]
db_files/ [If secure_file_priv has not been set to NULL, the location where data can be loaded
from locally; secure_file_priv can also be set to a different directory.
Refer to Setting SECURE_FILE_PRIV for more information.]
nodes.hcl/ [The memsqlctl state file which contains information about the nodes local to the host.]

The directory layout resembles the following when viewed as a directory tree.

├── <hashed-node-id>
│ ├── auditlogs
│ ├── data
│ │ ├── logs
│ │ └── snapshots
│ ├── memsql.cnf
│ ├── plancache
│ └── tracelogs
│ └── memsql.log
├── db_files
└── nodes.hcl

Last modified: June 22, 2022

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