Import and Backup

How can I backup a SingleStore database?

SingleStore supports consistent, online, cluster-wide BACKUP and RESTORE operations that do not require blocking write operations on the database like mysqldump does. See Back Up and Restore Data for more information.

How can I import data from MySQL, Postgres, MS-SQL etc?

Refer to Load Data for more information.

How can I easily copy a table?

You can use CREATE TABLE dest AS SELECT * FROM source. See CREATE TABLE.

Or, create a new empty table using the schema of the original table from SHOW CREATE TABLE source and copy data from source table into the new table using INSERT INTO dest SELECT * FROM source.

How can I easily copy a database?

Available options include:

  • Use replication. Run REPLICATE DATABASE dest_db FROM user@host:port/src_db, and after it fully synchronizes run STOP REPLICATING dest_db. See Replicating Data Across Clusters .

  • BACKUP the database and RESTORE it on the same (or a different) cluster under a different name.

Where are the important data files (recovery log, binary logs, snapshots, data files etc)?

Run SHOW STATUS EXTENDED LIKE '%_directory' to get the full paths.

Last modified: January 10, 2023

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