SingleStore Tools

What are SingleStore Tools?

SingleStore Tools is a collection of utilities that are designed to help customers easily deploy and manage SingleStore clusters. Our team has continually added new features and functionality to our tools to make deploying and managing a SingleStore cluster easier than ever.

SingleStore Tools replaces our legacy management tool, MemSQL Ops, where the singlestoredb-toolbox package in SingleStore Tools replaces the functionality provided by MemSQL Ops.

Refer to Cluster Management with Tools for additional information.

How do I switch over from MemSQL Ops to SingleStore Tools?

Follow Migrate from Ops to Tools to perform an online migration of your existing SingleStore cluster.

Can I still use MemSQL Ops?

MemSQL Ops is currently deprecated and the formal end-of-support date is May 13, 2021. Additionally, you may not upgrade to a SingleStore v7.5 without a cluster that is managed via SingleStore Tools.

Refer Migrate from Ops to Tools to learn how to migrate from MemSQL Ops to SingleStore Tools.

When do I have to switch to Tools?

If you want to upgrade to SingleStore version 7.5, you must switch to managing your cluster via SingleStore Tools. Additionally, SingleStore recommends that you switch over before the end-of-support date of May 13, 2021.

Last modified: January 17, 2023

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