Configuring SingleStore for Secure Connections

It’s important to note that enabling secure connections between the client and the SingleStore cluster is separate from enabling secure connections between nodes inside the SingleStore cluster itself. To configure the SingleStore cluster to use secure connections, see either:

To configure your client to use secure connections, see Server Configuration for Secure Client Connections.


When configuring SSL in SingleStore, you should specify an absolute path (/path/to/files) to your files. If you specify a relative path (./path/to/files), SingleStore first looks for the path relative to the location of the memsql.cnf file. If the path is not found there, SingleStore looks for the path relative to the current working directory. If neither of those paths work, the operation fails.


Do not place your SSL certificates in the SingleStore installation directory as that directory is subject to change during upgrades.

Last modified: April 3, 2023

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