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Backup Data

SingleStoreDB Cloud automatically backs up data daily on a default schedule, with a retention period of seven days. The data is stored in AWS S3. You can always request a restore from a particular day in the last seven days.

You can raise a support ticket to alter the scheduled time for your backup.

In addition to the scheduled backups, you can also create your own backups through SQL from a MySQL client. You can back up into your AWS S3 bucket, or your Azure Blob storage, or GCS and then restore as needed.

Only full backups can be created. Incremental backups are not available.

In SingleStoreDB Cloud backups cannot be created to local file systems.

Backups are not run within the workspaces themselves but on the Master Aggregator (MA) of the corresponding underlying cluster.

Backups happen for workspaces that have databases attached in R/W (read and write) mode. Workspaces with databases attached in R/O (read only) mode do not get backed up.

When you suspend a workspace you suspend any operations against it. Hence if you suspend a workspace around the time a backup is scheduled, then that day's backup gets skipped.