Query Data

Once the data is loaded into SingleStore Helios, it can be queried for both analytical and transactional purposes.

SingleStore Helios supports the following query-related features:

  • The SELECT command retrieves data from a database. From this basic SQL command, you can utilize more advanced query concepts such as performing upserts and creating common table expressions.

  • The INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE commands manipulate data within a database and can utilize querying elements such as INSERT... SELECT, DELETE with filters, join, and subqueries, or UPDATE with filters, joins, and subqueries.

  • The EXPLAIN, EXPLAIN UI, PROFILE, and SHOW PROFILE UI features can help you understand the performance of your queries. These features allow you to analyze query plans and gather execution statistics, which can aid in identifying bottlenecks and optimizing your database queries. The SingleStore Visual Explain feature provides query plan visualization through a graphical interface, which can help you tune database queries so that they run faster and/or use less resources.

  • SingleStore Helios supports integration with a wide range of third-party data analytics and business intelligence software such as Dremio, Looker, MicroStrategy, Power BI, Sisense, Tableau, and Tibco Spotfire.

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Last modified: July 7, 2023

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