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Online Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)

You can open a Support ticket, for an online PITR. Support will copy an online database to a new database name, and the new database will have all the PITR history of the original. The last few minutes of data may not be available in the copy. Then, you can detach the new copy and re-attach it at whatever point in time you want.

When you find the data you need, you can, for example, copy it back to the original database using INSERT INTO … SELECT FROM… commands.

This allows you to recover accidentally removed or corrupted data into the original online database while keeping the original data online.

For example, you accidentally deleted all the rows for one customer from a large Sales table. If you have thousands of customers, you may not want to take the whole database offline to recover these rows. Online PITR allows you to recover the rows while the database stays online.