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SingleStore Kai for MongoDB


SingleStore Kai for MongoDB is a preview feature.

SingleStore Kai for MongoDB ("SingleStore Kai" or "the API") allows you to connect to a SingleStoreDB Cloud workspace from MongoDB clients and tools. You can run the MongoDB queries natively in your SingleStoreDB Cloud workspace using the API without a code change. Additionally, you can use the Management API and Data API (SQL endpoint) in conjunction with the API.


You can only run the MongoDB commands in your SingleStoreDB Cloud database using the SingleStore Kai-enabled endpoint.

Why Use the API for MongoDB

SingleStore Kai offers an innovative, fast, and easy API to perform exceptionally fast analytics on JSON data for your MongoDB applications without losing transactional performance.

Key benefits to using SingleStore Kai for MongoDB:

  • Drive faster analytics on JSON data for your MongoDB applications.

  • Zero code changes and zero data transformations required for supported commands and operations.

  • Best of both worlds (NoSQL + SQL), allows developers to utilize both the MongoDB API and a SQL API to power their applications.

  • Scale-out SingleStoreDB without any additional cost and simply by defining a shard key.

  • Vector support allows users to provide semantics on vectors using dot_product, euclidean_distance, and many other functions available through the API.

How the API Works

The API uses a proxy service (provided by SingleStore) to run the MongoDB commands and aggregation pipelines. The proxy service receives the MongoDB commands, generates the SQL equivalent of the command, and runs the SQL in the SingleStoreDB environment. It then reads the resulting rowsets and returns the results as a collection of BSON (Binary JSON) documents back to the MongoDB client application.



The SingleStore Kai feature is only available in AWS in the following regions:

US East 1 (N. Virginia)

Africa South 1 (Cape Town)

US East 2 (Ohio)

Asia Pacific South 1 (Mumbai)

US West 2 (Oregon)

Asia Pacific Southeast 1 (Singapore)

Europe West 1 (Ireland)

Asia Pacific Southeast 3 (Jakarta)

Europe West 2 (London)

Canada Central 1 (Montreal)

Europe North 1 (Stockholm)