Data API Error Handling

On successful processing of SingleStore's Data API requests, the server returns the 200 OK HTTP status line. On Data API request failure, the server returns a status code for the error along with a message describing the issue. The error messages are returned as bare strings in the response body.

The following table provides a list of HTTP response status codes that are used for handling errors in SingleStore’s Data API requests.

HTTP Status Code


400 Bad Request

A general error code used for client request issues for reasons, such as:

  • Request body is not JSON

  • Request body does not match the input schema

  • SQL is malformed

  • Context database does not exist

401 Unauthorized

  • Invalid authentication credentials

  • Authentication failed

When using JWTs to authenticate, this error code may indicate the following issues:

  • The specified JWT is invalid

  • Invalid JWT signature, i.e., the JWT signature cannot be verified using JWKS fetched from the engine

403 Forbidden

Authorization error from SingleStore

404 Not Found

Path not found

405 Method Not Allowed

Incorrect HTTP method used for the endpoint specified

408 Request Timeout

Timeout while waiting for the client to provide a complete request with the headers and the JSON body

500 Internal Server Error

A general error code used to handle many different error conditions and are generally considered unexpected. For example, you might receive this error if some of your data partitions are offline during a query or if the HTTP service is unable to communicate with the underlying SingleStore node.

504 Gateway Timeout

Timeout while communicating with the underlying SingleStore node

Last modified: January 25, 2023

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