Disaster Recovery


SingleStore’s unique storage architecture replicates all workspace data to durable object storage using Unlimited Storage for resilience and recoverability.

SingleStore manages automatic full backups of your data.

While automated backups can be used to recover from unexpected issues, SingleStore also enables you to perform your own backups as needed. Automated daily backups can be restored upon request, while performing your own backups allows you to self-serve restore operations.

To restore a database backup, create a support request. While requests to restore a database do not have a fixed response time, these requests will be serviced as soon as possible.

SingleStore provides a Premium offering which adds an additional recovery capability via Point-in-Time Recovery. This feature allows a database to be restored to a previous point in time within the retention period. The backups retention period is 7 days.

Data Retention Period

Database backups are taken daily and retained for 7 days.


Disaster recovery and business continuity scenarios and approaches are tested annually with external third-parties to ensure adequacy and efficacy.

Last modified: May 29, 2023

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