Flexible Usage Model

Consumption-Based Pricing

SingleStore Helios is priced based on the amount of compute time and volume of storage used. Compute workspaces consume a set number of credits per hour, and storage is billed by the average number of GB used per month.



The amount of compute available for a workload is determined by workspace size. Credits are consumed while a workspace is running.

Storage is provided at a flat rate determined by the average amount of storage consumed per month.

Starting at $0.65/hour

Starting at $0.023 per GB per month


Compute workspaces consume credits while they are running. The number of compute credits consumed is dependent on the size of the workspace, the duration it runs for, the product edition, and the cloud provider and region in which it is deployed.

The total number of compute resources available is determined by selecting a workspace size. This determines the number of vCPUs and amount of memory available for a workload.

The SingleStore Helios flexible usage model allows customers to purchase compute credits on-demand at list price, or through 1-year subscriptions to monthly volumes at discounted rates.


This option is ideal for users that don’t know how much they expect to spend, or to evaluate workloads before committing to monthly consumption levels. The number of credits consumed will be determined by the workspace size, duration the workspace is running, and the cloud and region in which the workspace is deployed. Refer to Cloud Pricing for more information.


Customers can commit to monthly compute volumes in order to receive discounted rates. Customers can always “burst” above this commit at on-demand prices, and unused compute credits are rolled over to the following month. Customers can commit to a 1-year credit subscription at any time to receive discounts on compute credits. When customers sign up for a subscription, they commit to using a number of compute credits per month, which is based on how much they expect to use. If a customer uses more than the monthly number of credits, additional credits will be billed at the on-demand rate. Any credits that remain unused at the end of the month will be rolled over to the following month, for the duration of the subscription.


Storage is billed at a flat monthly rate determined by the total average GB of storage used per month and the region in which the storage is deployed. For services deployed in multiple regions, the storage charge will be a sum of all the storage charges for each respective region.

Storage is purchased monthly based on the usage for the previous month. Customers are only billed for what they have already used.

View Consumption


Compute consumption is based on the number of seconds of compute time used.

Total storage consumption is based on the average amount of storage used per month. Storage usage is polled every 30 minutes, and the total storage consumption is the average of the recorded storage usage values.

View Overall Consumption

To view compute and storage consumption:

  • Navigate to the organization name in the left nav (ORG:) > Billing & Usage > Usage Estimate


The Usage Estimate information is accurate up to the hourly level of granularity.

Last modified: April 3, 2023

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