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Generate a comprehensive report that contains diagnostic information about your entire SingleStore cluster for troubleshooting purposes.

The size of the log files to be collected can be specified, as well as the SingleStore nodes from which information should be collected.

The generated report is compressed into a file called cluster-report-*.tar.gz.


usage: memsql-ops report [--settings-file SETTINGS_FILE] [--async]
[--tracelog-mb TRACELOG_MB] [--include-log-archives]
[--exclude-system-info] [--exclude-processlist]
[--include-backtrace | --no-include-backtrace]
[--exclude-schema | --include-plancache]
[--memsql-ids [MEMSQL_IDS [MEMSQL_IDS ...]]]
[--timeout TIMEOUT]
Generate a report that contains diagnostic information for MemSQL Ops.
optional arguments:
--settings-file SETTINGS_FILE
A path to a MemSQL Ops settings.conf file. If not set,
we will use the file in the same directory as the
MemSQL Ops binary.
--async If this option is true, we will exit without waiting
for the report to be fully built.
--tracelog-mb TRACELOG_MB
If specified, we will truncate SingleStore tracelogs such
that all of the tracelogs combined will be less than
this size. The default value is 150.
Include the log_archives directory from each agent.
Include some debugging information about pipelines.
If specified, we will not include some system data
that is mostly disk related.
If specified, we will not include the process list of
running queries in the report.
--include-backtrace If specified, we will include a SingleStore backtrace from
each node.
If specified, we will not include a SingleStore backtrace.
--exclude-schema If specified, we will not include any information
about SingleStore database and table schemas in the report.
Consequently the plancache and process list will also
be excluded.
--include-plancache If specified, we will include SingleStore plancache files
in the report. Note that this flag cannot be used with
--exclude-schema because schema information is
revealed by the plancache files.
--memsql-ids [MEMSQL_IDS [MEMSQL_IDS ...]]
A list of MemSQL IDs for which we will gather
tracelogs. If not specified, we will gather tracelogs
for all SingleStore nodes.
--timeout TIMEOUT If specified, we will wait at most this many seconds
for a report to be built for each MemSQL Ops agent.

Last modified: April 25, 2023

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