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Studio’s monitoring capabilities have been superseded by SingleStore’s enhanced cluster monitoring solution, which is recommended for all self-managed and Kubernetes Operator customers.

Studio is not intended as a comprehensive monitoring solution and therefore lacks the features of similar third-party tools. SingleStore recommends exploring these supported third-party tools, which have been tested by SingleStore and are likely familiar to developers. These tools offer advanced features, improved performance, and specialized capabilities for managing complex database operations, and can provide increased efficiency and a smoother workflow.

Should you encounter any issues with these tools, or require further assistance, please contact SingleStore Support.


SingleStore Studio is a visual user interface that allows you to interact with all of your SingleStore clusters, and was designed to be lightweight, easy to deploy, and easy to upgrade.

Studio turns user actions into standard SQL queries that are run against your SingleStore cluster. Results are then displayed back to you in the form of tables and graphics that help you understand your cluster better. Conceptually, Studio is a UI on top of the SingleStore database engine itself, pairing the stability and security guarantees of the command line with the ease of use of a visual UI.

Studio is a visual SQL client, so it can be used safely alongside other tools, such as MemSQL Ops.

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Last modified: June 25, 2024

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